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Pregnancy Care

During pregnancy, the female body goes through many physical, chemical and emotional changes. Regular chiropractic care plays an integral part in helping you adapt to these changes in order to help you have the best pregnancy experience possible.


The Webster Technique is a highly specialized chiropractic technique used to properly align the structural components of the pelvis, balance the musculature of the surrounding areas, and release any tension found within the ligaments surrounding the uterus in order to promote proper fetal positioning and an optimal birthing process. The Webster Technique has helped numerous women avoid unnecessary cesareans due to breech presentations or complications throughout their pregnancy.


Many studies have shown that being under regular chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy can greatly help avoid or reduce common pregnancy-related complaints such as neck and lower back aches, hip pain, sciatica, fatigue, swelling, and morning sickness. In addition, regular chiropractic care can help promote the best environment for your growing baby by reducing any additional stress or anxiety you may have about your pregnancy. As chiropractors, we always support your innate ability to give birth to your child naturally!

Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a safe and gentle chiropractic technique specifically for pregnant women. Dr. Larry Webster developed a chiropractic technique that balances the pelvis properly, while also reducing the stress to the ligaments that support the uterus, more specifically the round ligaments. Dr. Webster developed this technique after watching his own daughter suffer through a long, painful labor with a baby in the breech position.

The round ligaments act to hold the uterus in suspension within the abdomen. However, as the pregnancy goes on, these round ligaments can become thin and tight like a rubber band pulled to tension, causing sharp, spastic pains and restricting the space in which the baby has to maneuver within the womb. Restriction of this movement often causes a baby to stay in a breech position beyond 37 weeks. This can be a very disconcerting feeling to many women, as we know from firsthand experience. Once the pelvis and sacrum are properly aligned, the Webster Technique focuses on relieving the tightness in the round ligaments. This allows the baby to shift comfortably and freely within the womb so that he or she may get into proper position for his or her big journey to the outside world.

If you are pregnant, the time to get under chiropractic care is yesterday. Chiropractic, including the Webster Technique, will stack the cards in favor of you and your growing baby. And with all the fears the mainstream media, hospitals, AMA, and insurance companies have instilled in our society about childbirth, you need a stacked deck to stare down those fears with full faith and confidence in yourself, your body, and your baby.


prenatal chiropractic
prenatal chiropractic
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