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Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic during pregnancy can be very beneficial for the mother and growing baby. 

Merciér Therapy

A deep abdominal technique used to increase fertility, reduce scar tissue after surgery, and promote proper balance in a woman's body.


Chiropractic care is not just for adults. Kids need to maintain proper alignment throughout their bodies just like we do.

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Taking care of your health

Specialized Treatments

Not everyone is the same - your treatments shouldn't be either 

Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

While some parents enjoy their sessions without the little ones present, they are always more than welcome at our office.

Quality Care

Quality care means providing the best care possible for our patients.


"I left that first appointment feeling better than I had in weeks.  I actually remember thinking "Wow, I didn't know I could feel this good while pregnant!"

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"She also works on my two-and-a-half year old.  He started out extremely nervous and hesitant, but she was so patient and kind that he quickly warmed up to the idea of body work.  Now he will climb up onto the table all by himself."

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"The front office staff compliments Dr. Sepulveda's warm personality and treats you as a person rather than "just a chart. Overall a classy, warm and welcoming environment"

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"She is not like other chiropractors. Passionate in her work and educates. When she does her adjustments she stays and checks for muscle tension and adjusts accordingly."

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